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About our On line Degree Process

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Freemasonry has ever established bonds of Brotherhood between men by starting with men of good character from all races, creeds and walks of life, helping them to become better men through application of sacred and profound knowledge. The goal of the Moorish Rite is to carry on this great legacy and keep aloft the light of moral excellence in humanity.

As Freemasonry has also ever had the task of spreading the light of moral wisdom to the world, we are thrilled and honored, in this information age, to present the Ancient Free Moorish Rite On-line, the authorized on-line representation of the Ancient Free Moorish Rite. In establishing this on line representation, we are pioneering in sharing this light as broadly as the Internet revolution makes possible.

On line members are recognized as persons endowed with ever-increasing knowledge as conferred with the succession of on-line Moorish Rite degrees. Due to the exigencies of on-line communications, which are necessarily anonymous, we do not assume personal knowledge of members from the on-line venue. We do however, recognize such individuals as Freemasons, comrades of a spiritual and sacred fellowship, and therefore make mild distinction between members of the Ancient Free Moorish Rite On-line (A.F.M.R.O) and members of the Ancient Free Moorish Rite (A.F.M.R.). A distinction is necessary because of the now two distinct modes of initiation. Advanced on-line members are therefore assured membership in A.F.M.R. lodges, as there are other privileges of recognition extended to members of the A.F.M.R. lodges. Online members are the crest of a new wave, new age innovation, and new-age courage.

The Moorish Rite On line Degree initiative is revolutionary in that, perhaps for the first time, individuals need not attend a lodge to become Freemasons and receive a Masonic education. Many good men with good Masonic potential, are interested but do not have the time or conducive schedules for the lengthy lodge process. Some have heard or read  much negative sentiment about Freemasonry, and although they have given ear to Freemasons attempting to set the record straight, they are nevertheless reluctant to give of their time. Many of them are leery just hearing the word initiation, as for them, it conjures images of human sacrifice and diabolical savagery. These men remain cynical about Freemasonry and perhaps they should, for after all; we (Freemasons) don't really go out of our way to provide positive free information to countervail the free negative propaganda so prevalent in the mainstream. Much damage has been done and it may be extremely difficult to fix the problem; but efforts are underway today. And that's a good thing. The On-line Degree process is a needed and timely remedy to help redress the problem.

Some hold opinion that our Online Process is perhaps sacrilege, or just plain wrong. Granted the process is deifferent and daring, but it is not sacrilege. Freemasonic education should be as liberal as the seven rays in Lady Liberty's crown, and as much fun and liberating as the Boston tea party. Freemasonry belongs on the cutting edge of this Information Age, as it never was a staid-as-brick and immobile society, as some may perceive. No; Freemasonry has always been as a mighty stream, swift and adaptable, yet powerful in what it influences and carries along with it on its journey through time. This Online Process is right on time.

Thanks to modern day technology and this wonderful information venue we call cyber-space, the world community is certainly closer and people are connecting more rapidly and at greater distances than ever before. Now a good man can sit at his computer and begin his Masonic career in the comforts of his home or office. What a great avenue to a Masonic education! And the Masonic lodge can now become as far East or West or North or South, as we need it to be; or again, as as high or as wide as we deem necessary. Think not of Freemasonry as a stone edifice, unchanging and weathered over the years; but rather as a majestic ship, forever sailing and undulating with the winds and waves of progress and liberty.

To be sure, the Moorish Rite On line Degree initiative eases the Masonic baptismal process, but it doesn't eliminate the journey. Today's highly advanced technology, with all of its abracadabra, would not bring the Golden Fleece to Jason today, but it would certainly give Argo and its crew faster waters. So, adherence to study is a necessary discipline for any education, and such is the case with the on-line degrees. This is no ?magic pill.? The on-line initiate is encouraged to diligently study his materials and learn as much as he can. He should not expect to uncover a book entitled ?Secrets of Freemasonry? here or find Masonic secrets plastered on every page of his material. It's all here for his inquiry, but it's not an expose of Freemasonry; it's a systemic Freemasonic degree process. And now we are offering OMS Degree as well, and all are available to all men and women..

Current Freemasons belonging to other rites or jurisdictions can initiate on-line in the Moorish Rite if their jurisdictions allow them. If a Freemason, currently a member of another Masonic jurisdiction, wishes to become a Moorish Rite Freemason and attend lodge meetings, there is often a standard Masonic process that most Grand lodges insist upon, and one which a Freemason must honor to arrange such transition. This involves his getting an official Masonic demit from his lodge or whatever departure process his lodge or jurisdiction follows.

Now we are offering the Asiatic and Mu'wahid Degrees, the preliminary or 1st and 2nd Moorish Rite degrees. All on-line initiates receive On Northward Sail; the official Moorish Rite manual and other study material (all materials are downloadable and must be opened in Adobe reader). There is a self conducted initiation ritual in the manual as well as  an optional quiz at the end of the book for those who desire a certificate (also downloadable in Adobe).

Many have been waiting many years for an opportunity such as this to come along. We are honored to offer that opportunity today. Moorish Rite headquarters is in New Jersey, and everyone cannot always travel to us, as we likewise cannot not always travel to everyone. The on-line process brings the Moorish Rite to individuals who would otherwise remain at a perpetual distance. Surely this is an aggregate event, a golden opportunity, made more so now through cyber-space; but it is an individual endeavor, and the candidate for Freemasonry must still, however, pursue his own golden fleece. And we'd like to accompany him on such journey.