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Moorish Islands Royal Dishes Cookbook  - By Adri V

The book Dr. Hazel Bey longed for is finally here. Sister Adri V (OMS) has answered the call. Yes, Dr. Hazel Bey would often say, "I wish somebody would write a Moorish cookbook." And he himself was working on such a book when the Creator requested him at His table.

But here is something he would have cherished. Well written and fun to read, it is a user-friendly book with something for everyone! Already these recipes have changed lives and put smiles on faces. We're proud to offer this book to you through the Moorish Rite and OMS. The digital and hard-copy versions are now available here. Get the digital version directly in your email inbox, and the hard-copy version through USP to a physical address you provide.

So get your plate ready, and get your food on!





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