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The Legend Of Ariem Abef Bey


The official Moorish Rite allegory replete with a legendary magic sword; a cunning sea monster; a mammoth military ship; an aging and ailing king, a legendary horse; a trio of angry villains; a great ancient civilization on the verge of ruin, and a bold hero for all ages and the woman who loves him. The Legend Of Ariem Abef Bey reads like an epic fantasy novel, but it is veritably a Masonic allegory. An unusual blend of allegory, fiction and non-fiction, make this legend a most enlightening fraternal education and fun read as well. Even non Moorish Rite members will enjoy the fantastic Ariemic legend, and perhaps even they, will discern the historical jewels adorning Ariem's allegorical crown. This is part one of two parts which complete the entire epic. A must read and study for every Moorish Rite Freemason. Just as mainstream Freemasonry canonizes the Hiramic legend, likewise does Moorish Rite Freemasonry cherish its legend. And to be sure, and as should be the rule, some parallels within both legends are discernible, and Masonic students may very well ponder and ask, "Hiram Abif...Ariem Abef...are they one and the same?"

Three desparate villains yearn to possess the sword of Ariem Abef Bey, a sacred sword forged with the coagulated blood of kings and holding within its unbreakable blade the light of a thousand suns, as they decide it will bring them power and glory to rule the ancient world. They conspire with Alebaste the Ravager (a bewitchingly intelligent cetacean) to bring this about. But what does it all mean?


The Legend Of Ariem Abef Bey is simply a wonderful and classic read.

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